Expositor: Doron Puder
Institución: Tel Aviv University

20/02/2018  de 12:00 a 13:00 
Dónde Salón "Graciela Salicrup"

Let w be a word in the free group on k generators, and let G be a finite (compact) group. The word w induces a measure on G by substituting the letters of w with k independent uniformly (Haar) random elements of G and evaluating the product.
I will explain some of the motivation for the study of word measures, discuss their properties, give examples and state conjectures. As much as time permits, I will describe results regarding word measures on symmetric groups (joint with Ori Parzanchevski) and word measures on unitary groups (joint with Michael Magee). The talk will be aimed at graduate students, and all notions will be explained.